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Email Encryption

The easiest email encryption for achieving compliance

Keep your email confidential, simplify compliance, and reduce management costs by removing the complexity from encryption.

Identity-based encryption and hosted key service

  • Requires only a recipient’s email address
  • Lowers IT costs with our Hosted Key Service
  • Ensures access to email with 24x7 Key Recovery

Combine solutions to fit your needs:

Email Encryption Client empowers end-users to encrypt email
Email Encryption Gateway automates policy-based encryption
Hosted Email Encryption offers a maintenance-free service

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Effortless Key Creation

Unlike other solutions, Trend Micro Email Encryption features dynamic key generation, built with Trend Micro™ Private Post™ technology, eliminating the pre-enrollment and certificate management hassles of PKI encryption. All you need is a recipient’s email address to create encryption keys.

No-Maintenance Key Management

Hosted key management helps ensure the availability of encryption keys 24x7, providing password and key recovery without the need for IT involvement.

Easier for Email Recipients

Our web-based Zero Download Reader enables your intended recipients to decrypt emails without requiring them to install client software and supports popular mobile devices running iOS, Android, and Blackberry. Plus, our solutions help you comply with the regulations and requirements of partners and customers by allowing you to secure both incoming and outgoing emails and attachments.

Lower IT Costs

Our email encryption solutions minimize IT administration and lower overall costs thanks to all of the above: effortless key creation, hosted key management, plus ease of use for both senders and recipients.

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Trend MicroEmail Encryption Client

Our client-based encryption plugs into Microsoft® Outlook®, making it easier for end users to select which emails should be encrypted. Secure, encrypted email is as simple as sending regular email—no special training is needed. 

Key Features

  • Empowers end users to encrypt email that’s not protected by gateway encryption
  • Automates key creation—all you need is a recipient’s email address
  • Minimizes IT administration and costs with our Hosted Key Service
  • Ensures access to email with 24x7 password and key recovery support
  • Provides a free, web-based reader—so recipients can decrypt without installing software

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Minimum System Requirements

Compatible Operating Systems

  • Microsoft™ Windows™ XP 32-bit;, Windows Vista® 32-bit and 64-bit; Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit

CPU and Memory

  • Intel™ Pentium™ 800 MHz or better
  • 256 MB memory minimum, 512 MB recommended

Required Disk Space

  • 15 MB available for installation

Compatible Web Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 6.x or better
  • Firefox 1.5 or better


Compatible Email Clients

  • Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007,
    2010; Windows Live Mail 2009, 2011
  • Internet connection required for encryption key distribution, configuration, and automatic updates

Compatible Smart Phone Operating Systems for Zero Download Reader

  • Apple iOS, Google Android, RIM Blackberry

Trend Micro Email Encryption Gateway

Automatically encrypts email at the gateway based on content policies—for a critical layer of data protection that doesn’t rely on end user discretion. A recipient’s email address is all that’s needed to create encryption keys, lifting the burden from IT staff.

Key Features

  • Ensures compliance with automated, policy-based encryption
  • Adds a critical layer of protection that doesn’t rely on end users
  • Removes the hassles of key management with our Hosted Key Service
  • Eliminates the need for recipients to install client software 
  • Delivers real-time logging and reporting—to speed remediation and simplify compliance audits

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Trend Micro™ Enterprise Data Protection

Email Encryption Gateway secures your data from gateway to mobile devices by integrating a full set of data security products across the multiple layers of security in Trend Micro’s enterprise security suites. Enterprise Data Protection is available as an add on to Trend Micro’s enterprise security suites.

Minimum System Requirements


  • VMware ESX 3.5 or ESXi 3.5

Virtual Host*

  • HDD: 10GB Free Hard Disk Space
  • CPU: Intel Xeon or AMD Opteron (supporting VT)
  • RAM: 1GB RAM

Virtual Appliance*

  • HDD: Virtual SCSI HDD 8GB—Pre-allocated
  • CPU: 1 Virtual Processor
  • RAM: 512MB RAM

*SCSI hard-drives are recommended for optimal performance

Trend Micro Hosted Email Encryption

Policy-based encryption from Trend Micro automatically enforces compliance requirements and protects confidential information—all while minimizing administration and lowering TCO. This add-on service integrates seamlessly with Trend Micro™ Hosted Email Security—for comprehensive messaging security in a fully hosted solution.

Key Features

  • Reduces the risk of non-compliance with automatic, hosted encryption
  • Lowers TCO by reducing complexity and deployment time with Hosted Key Service
  • Provides uninterrupted access to email with 24x7 global password and key recovery support
  • Allows recipients to decrypt and view email on any device with a web browser
  • Integrates with Hosted Email Security—requiring no additional hardware or software

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Minimum System Requirements

As a hosted service, Trend Micro™ Hosted Email Security does not require additional hardware or software located on your premises since all scanning hardware and software is operated and maintained offsite at Trend Micro’s secure datacenters.

To access your local Hosted Email Security administration account, a personal computer with Internet access and either Microsoft™ Internet Explorer 6.0 or 7.0 , or Mozilla™ Firefox™ 2.0, and JavaScript™ and Sun™ Java™ Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.4 or higher is required.

To start using Hosted Email Security, environments must also have an existing Internet gateway or workgroup SMTP connection and access to the DNS mail exchange record required to redirect the MX mail host record. If you have hosted email, then contact your service provider for more information or configuration help in redirecting your MX record.

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