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Integrated Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Reduce complexity and Cost of DLP

Trend Micro™ Integrated DLP minimizes the complexity
and cost of data security by integrating DLP functionality
directly into your existing Trend Micro solutions and
management consoles.


Protect Your Data

With a lightweight plug-in, you can quickly and easily gain visibility and control of your sensitive data and prevent data loss via your endpoints, SaaS applications, messaging, cloud storage, and web gateways.

Now more than ever, your data is on the move—whether it’s on a laptop, flash drive, or moving across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures. At any point along the way, your financial data, customer information, intellectual property, or trade secrets could be lost or stolen. Securing this data is further complicated by several growing risk factors:

  • Rapidly evolving compliance regulations and mandates
  • Continued growth of workforce mobility
  • Employees using their own mobile devices and consumer apps for work
  • Rising frequency of advanced persistent threats (APTs) and data breach incidents


To avoid the embarrassment, reputation damage, regulatory fines, and revenue loss, your enterprise must be able to identify, track, and secure all confidential data from multiple points within the organization and in the cloud — without impacting employee productivity and performance. In the past, many organizations tried traditional data loss prevention (DLP) solutions but found they were too intrusive, too complex to manage, and too costly to acquire, deploy, and maintain. Reduce the cost and complexity of DLP with Trend Micro.

Data-centric protection integrated across the enterprise

Integrated, single-click DLP eliminates cost and complexity barriers that may be holding you back. You’ll simplify the roll out of data protection and start seeing results right away.

Central policy management for data and threat protection

Now you can manage threat and data protection policies across distributed environments to streamline administration and provide more consistent policy enforcement.

Enterprise-wide visibility

You need up-to-the-minute situational awareness across your IT infrastructure so that you can rapidly understand your security posture, identify threats, and respond to incidents.

  • Revealing

    Analyst Jon Oltsik talks about DLP challenges and why it’s important to maintain visibility across multiple layers of protection. (2:27)
  • Forward Thinking

    Analysts predict future challenges of implementing DLP across the infrastructure and how they will evolve.
  • Aware

    Trend Micro speaks out on why fragmented DLP solutions result in loss of visibility across layers. (1:03)

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