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Trend Micro SSL Certificates

Always-on SSL with unlimited certificates

To successfully conduct business online, you need to protect customers and earn their trust by using SSL certificates effectively. Installing SSL certificates on your websites shows visitors that you take security seriously and enables HTTPS and data encryption so information exchanged is protected. And, now that Google is pushing for HTTPS everywhere, adding SSL certificates to every page can even improve your search rankings. Trend Micro is a globally trusted certificate authority, and our unlimited SSL model helps you move to Always-on SSL without spending a fortune.

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Always-on SSL

Some organizations switch users between secure and non-secure windows during sessions to save money on SSL certificates, which can leave sensitive information exposed. Always-on SSL protects a user’s entire session from start to finish, ensuring a safer experience. But implementing always-on SSL has been expensive and hard to manage—until now. Trend Micro SSL provides unlimited SSL certificates, including Extended Validation (EV) certificates, and a management console so you can protect every web page cost-effectively. Trend Micro is a globally trusted Certificate Authority (CA) so you can be sure your websites—and your customers are protected.

Types of SSL Certificates

Organization Validation (OV) Certificate:
Increase visitor trust and protect communications
An OV certificate gives your website credibility by showing a browser padlock and HTTPS to site visitors. Vetted company information is displayed in the certificate details, verifying your corporate identity, and assuring potential customers that you take security very seriously. Trend Micro OV certificates support the strongest level encryption and authentication to protect all communications between servers and users.


Choose Trend Micro for:

  • Unlimited certificates
  • Trusted brand
  • Easy management
  • Quick protection
  • World-class support

Download Osterman Research White Paper:
Why a New Business Model is Needed for SSL Certificates

Extended Validation (EV) Certificate: 
Activate the green bar for the highest trust and conversions
When EV certificates are used, the browser address bar turns green—assuring site visitors that they are on a trusted site and their personal data is protected. This has been shown to significantly increase sales and conversion rates. EV certificates require rigorous vetting procedures involving meticulous documentation checks to confirm both website and organization authenticity. Unfortunately, the high cost of EV certificates combined with the onerous vetting process means they aren’t broadly used. With Trend Micro SSL, we provide unlimited EV certificates at no extra cost. And, with our one-time vetting process, you can issue EV certificates in minutes vs. the days or weeks required with other CAs.

Extended Validation Certificate

Unified Communications Certificate (UC) or Subject Alternative Name (SAN) Certificate:
Get cost-effective SSL for Microsoft Exchange servers
With a UC or SAN certificate, you can use one SSL certificate to secure host names on different base domains such as: and Hosting multiple SSL-enabled sites on a single server typically requires a separate IP address for each site, but a certificate with SAN support can solve this problem. This is also perfect solution for Microsoft Exchange servers.

Wildcard SSL:
Secure all servers and subdomains on a given domain
A Wildcard SSL certificate enables you to secure a website’s domain and an unlimited number of its subdomains. For example, a single Wildcard certificate for *, covers both and

Trend Micro is a globally trusted certificate authority with root certificates embedded in more than 99% of browsers. Plus we issue SSL certificates directly, without involving Local Registration Authorities, affiliates, or resellers so you can be assured that every Trend Micro SSL certificate has been rigorously validated.

The Trend Micro Advantage: Comparison Chart


Trend Micro SSL

Other Enterprise Certification Authorities

Pricing Model UNLIMITED Certificates
Contact us:
$175 to $995+ per certificate
Organization Validated
Extended Validation (EV) - Green Address Bar $295 to $1,499+ per certificate
Enterprise Management Console Minimum certificate purchase
Issuance Speed Minutes (after initial vetting) Days to weeks
Wildcard Support $595 to $1,999+ per certificate
SANs / UC Additional cost per SANs entry
Browser Compatibility 99+% 99+%
Trust Seal
Unlimited Reissues May be limited
Unlimited Server License Varies


The Trend Micro Advantage

Unlimited certificate model
Trend Micro SSL’s unlimited certificate model means you can move to always-on SSL without breaking your budget.

Extended Validation (EV) certificates at no extra cost
Unlimited EV certificates are included so you can cost-effectively activate the green browser bar—increasing visitor trust and resulting in a significant boost in sales or conversion.

Easy to manage
Our web-based certificate management console with role-based access control, request portal, and multiple organization profile support makes it easy to centrally manage all your certificates.

Faster and easier issuance
Sometimes it can take up to three weeks to issue a certificate, but with our unlimited SSL model, once initial setup is complete, certificates can be issued in minutes.

Time-saving tools
The Certificate Health Check quickly discovers installation errors and the Certificate Discovery tool helps you find all SSL certificates on your web servers.

Great customer support
Our customer support team is here to help with installation and trouble-shooting, or to answer questions.

For technical support information, please visit Trend Micro eSupport.

Which browsers, applications, and devices are supported by Trend Micro?
The Trend Micro SSL root certificate is embedded in most major browsers. This means that SSL certificates issued by Trend Micro SSL are trusted automatically and transparently by most browsers, providing maximum end-user security and usability. For details, see the list of supported browsers, applications, and devices.

How do I create a CSR?
Before you send a request for an SSL certificate, you must create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) on the server that you want to secure. For instructions, see create a CSR.

How do I install my SSL certificate?
After you submit the CSR and receive your SSL and intermediate certificates, you will need to install them on your server. For instructions, see install your SSL certificate.



Request technical support and we’ll help you right away.


If you need to revoke a certificate issued by Trend Micro SSL or if you want to report a problem with a site secured by a Trend Micro SSL certificate, please send details about the problem to

Deprecation of SHA-1

Root Certificates

AffirmTrust Commercial

AffirmTrust Networking

AffirmTrust Premium

AffirmTrust Premium ECC


Intermediate Certificates

Trend Micro CA

  • Valid until: December 31, 2030
  • Serial no: 3d 84 7c 1b 4a bb 32 02
  • Thumbprint: 2c dd a6 ce 33 e1 fe 7c 1b 05 41 1f 17 a6 66 a7 83 d7 f5 6a
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Subordinate Root CRLs

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