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Windows Server 2003 End of Life & Security Support

Windows Server 2003
has reached end of life.
You are now exposed.


Stay protected with Deep Security

Shield vulnerabilities before exploits hit

Based on a recent survey by ESG Research, 81% of surveyed organizations are still running Windows Server 2003. Of those, 25% have no plans to migrate in the short term leaving themselves exposed to new vulnerabilities, malware threats, and data breaches now that Windows Server 2003 has reached end of support. 

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If that's you, how do you plan to protect your business against this growing risk on a software platform that is at end of life?

Stay protected until you can migrate

As recommended by Microsoft, the most important thing is for you to plan on migrating from Windows Server 2003. If you're just not ready to migrate before end of support, you can help protect your Windows Server 2003 system with the virtual patching and system security that the Trend Micro Deep Security platform offers.

Trend Micro Deep Security uses intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS) technologies to shield vulnerabilities in out-of-support Windows Server 2003 systems before they can be exploited. Our virtual patching capabilities give you proven vulnerability protection that will help you extend the life of legacy systems. To protect against changes in a system that is no longer being patched by Microsoft, Deep Security also delivers built-in system security capabilities, including integrity monitoring, enabling the detection of changes where there should no longer be any. So you can keep Windows Server 2003 systems protected until they can be migrated, reducing risk and keeping your IT operational expenses low.

  • Eliminates risk exposure from new vulnerabilities, including protection against zero-day attacks
  • Allows patching of business applications on your own terms and timelines, reducing cost and potential downtime
  • Detects unplanned or malicious changes on the system, enabling rapid response to a potential attack
  • Mitigates potential data security compliance issues for critical regulations like PCI DSS 3.0
  • Provides a smooth migration path to secure systems beyond Windows 2003, including Windows 2012, Microsoft Azure, and other leading cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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