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Solutions for Healthcare

Support modernization, protect sensitive data, and ensure compliance

You can’t afford to have malware or unessential content bring down the IT services your providers and patients rely on. We offer a range of security solutions that address the healthcare industry’s needs, from helping modernize your practices to ensuring HIPAA, HITECH and PCI compliance to reducing the risk of data loss.

Healthcare organizations face increasing scrutiny from regulators, practitioners, and patients to ensure the integrity, security, and confidentiality of healthcare information.

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Electronic Health Records

Confidently implement EMR/EHR modernization.

  • Maximize data protection for Protected Health Information (PHI) and ensure compliance
  • Prevent data breaches with a line of defense at the server, whether physical, virtual or in the cloud
  • Simplify administration with a single, centrally managed solution
  • Meet storage requirements by securing private cloud environments

Mobile Clinician

Virtual desktops can improve the quality of care by making data and applications available at the point of care.

  • Provide antimalware protection on remote virtual desktops
  • No operating software, machine resources or costly network appliances required
  • Centrally update (patch) without the need to re-start equipment

Medical Devices

Securing network-attached medical devices poses a unique challenge in the medical field. Trend Micro’s Threat Management Services protects against vulnerabilities to prevent malware infection.

  • Strengthen security with threat discovery, containment, and remediation services
  • Visibility and control over blended threats
  • Reduce management complexity with proactive planning

Secure Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Enjoy the benefits of a virtualized environment, without worrying about security.

  • Secure data and ensure PCI compliance in the cloud and on VMware Ready appliances.
  • Flexible protection for hybrid environments (including virtual desktops and physical, virtual or cloud servers)
  • Comply with HIPAA, HITECH, and PCI regulations
  • Maintain same level of security, whether data center is internal or outsourced

Protect Data and Endpoints

Data loss prevention and email security are must-have components in any healthcare organization’s infrastructure.

  • Block confidential information from being distributed via email, whether intentional or accidental
  • Lower endpoint infection rates by 62 percent
  • Protect against viruses and cybercriminals without affecting performance
  • Delivers industry-best protection for your most sensitive data

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