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Solutions for Federal Agencies

Providing the deep security and information governance required by FedRAMP

A cyber intrusion occurs every five minutes (US-CERT, 2012) Faced with sophisticated cyber attacks, the federal government is taking steps to ensure that all agencies employ security controls outlined by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management (FedRAMP) Program. Trend Micro, USA is a US-based company uniquely qualified to help federal agencies manage risk.

As federal agencies migrate from traditional datacenters to a dynamic model that includes virtualization and the cloud, traditional security solutions are no longer adequate to protect the IT environment. In fact, the limitations of legacy security solutions can impede cloud migration. To protect critical systems and data, agencies need a next-generation security solution that protects all of their IT environments.

Ensure service levels, policy compliance, and rapid ROI

Trend Micro Deep Security ensures secure migration from traditional data centers to the cloud. Deep Security supports FedRAMP requirements by providing best-of-breed protection across platforms to secure physical, virtualized and cloud environments. And because Deep Security is centrally-managed, it reduces the cost and complexity of managing multiple security solutions.

In addition to an adaptive, highly-efficient agentless platform, Deep Security includes anti-malware, intrusion detection and prevention, firewall, web application protection, integrity monitoring, and log inspection.

Webcast: “Building Castles in the Sky.” Tom Kellermann, VP of Cybersecurity, member of National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) Board of Directors, and the Commission on Cybersecurity for the 44th President, talks about the evolution of advanced persistent threats and shares expertise on strategies to mitigate risk.

With the introduction of FedRAMP federal agencies arre aggressively ramping their security practices. Based on the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) framework titled, “Continuous Asset Evaluation, Situational Awareness, and Risk Scoring architecture” (CAESARS), continuous monitoring provides an important way to determine if an agency’s information system’s security controls remain effective in light of inevitable changes to the infrastructure.

According to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), continuous monitoring addresses six key issues:

  • Promote near real-time risk management and ongoing information system authorization
  • Encourage the use of automation to advise cost-effective, risk-based decisions
  • Integrate information security into the system development life cycle
  • Aid in selection, implementation, assessment, and monitoring of security controls
  • Link threat intelligence processes at the information system level to threat intelligence processes at the organization level
  • Establish responsibility and accountability for security controls

Deep Security features help meet FedRAMP security controls

Trend Micro’s Deep Security agentless security platform provides continuous monitoring in physical, virtual, and cloud-based IT environments. Deep Security allows federal agencies to migrate layered security to the cloud and create secure enclaves in the process. In addition, it helps agencies prevent data breaches and business disruptions, enable compliance, and help reduce operational costs.

Security Feedback Loop: Reduces the threat cycle with a smart feedback loop where large amounts of threat data are shared in real time.

Deep Packet Inspection/Host Intrusion Prevention System: Enables visibility into many layers of the OSI model, which helps defend against traditional attacks as well as complex Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

Integrity Monitoring: Allows agencies to monitor specific elements on a computer for changes.

Log Inspection: Timely and ongoing log analysis is a huge pillar in the success of any continuous monitoring strategy—and compliance for the most sensitive data processing in federal agencies relies on a solid log management and technology solution set.

Deep Security’s continuous monitoring capabilities enable federal systems to become self-defending, protect sensitive data, ensure application availability and empower greater situational awareness.

As federal agencies are increasingly targeted by advanced persistent threats (APTs), the inadequacy of traditional, signature-based defense strategies highlights the need for a new approach to cyber security.

To combat APTs, federal agencies need a threat intelligence solution that detects and identifies evasive threats in real-time and provides the in-depth analysis and actionable intelligence needed to prevent, discover and contain attacks.

Visibility, insight, and control

In addition, the threat intelligence solution should provide a clear picture of the IT environment’s true security posture, shorten the time to attack discovery, provide flexible reporting, configurable alerts, and expedite containment and remediation with root cause analysis.

Unlike many standard perimeter, network and endpoint security defenses, Trend Micro Deep Discovery is purpose-built for detecting APTs and targeted attacks.

  • Three-level detection scheme performs initial detection, simulation and correlation
  • Cross-correlation uncovers “low and slow” and other evasive activities - Detection and correlation engines aided by global threat intelligence from Trend Micro Smart Protection Network
  • In-depth incident reporting information speeds containment of an attack

Trend Micro Threat Intelligence Manager also helps federal agencies by enabling security teams to quickly identify, analyze and respond to federal threats before they impact an agency. Threat Intelligence Manager provides insight into security status, statistics, and events through a customizable dashboard, customizable reporting, ad hoc query, and configurable alerts.

Trend Micro’s commitment to being a socially responsible corporate citizen has shaped the way we've done business since our founding in 1988. With U.S. offices in California, Texas, New Jersey, and Missouri, Trend Micro is dedicated to providing government agencies, businesses and consumers with a safe environment for exchanging digital information.


Trend Micro Actively Participates in Key Cyber Security Organizations


Trend Micro Works with the FBI to Expose International Cyber Crime

The FBI worked closely with Trend Micro to successfully complete Operation Ghost Click in 2011. Trend Micro was the only commercial security company involved in the two-year investigation that resulted in the arrest of a criminal gang based in Estonia that had affected 4,000,000 users.


Trend Micro Secures IT Environments for Five Eyes Agencies

Today’s security is a global issue—and Trend Micro was selected to deploy security solutions for agencies in each of the Five Eyes nations. Cybercriminals can launch attacks on federal agencies from anyplace in the world. As a global security company, Trend Micro understands the threat worldwide landscape and can provide the advanced threat intelligence required to identify and thwart persistent attacks.

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