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Solutions for Education

Keep students and faculty connected and protected

Whether you’re in K-12 or higher education, the sophistication and persistence of todays’ online threats present a huge challenge for IT departments. Trend Micro is here to help schools ensure safe and productive online experiences for students, faculty and administrative staff. Our solutions help school districts and campuses enforce policies and secure physical, virtual, and cloud resources—all while keeping costs low.

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Boost IT efficiency, reduce costs, and consolidate

Trend Micro’s agentless security for virtualized environments consolidates virtual machines to maximize performance and provide rapid ROI.

  • Provides antivirus protection, integrity monitoring, intrusion prevention, vulnerability shielding, firewall, and web application protection
  • Delivers 3 times higher virtual machine consolidation ratios*

* Source: Tolly Enterprise Test Report, February 2011.

Prevent malware infection—combat advanced persistent threats

As threats continue to evolve, Trend Micro solutions keep IT resources protected by defending physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

  • Provides global threat intelligence to identify new and emerging malware
  • Recognizes suspicious activity to deliver proactive, preventive security
  • Enables real-time threat detection that provides insights into security environment


Ensure privacy, policies, and compliance

Trend Micro offers data loss prevention (DLP) and encryption solutions to help school districts and campuses meet compliance regulations.

  • Helps ensure compliance with CIPA, FERPA, HIPAA, and other regulations.
  • Blocks inappropriate content, including HTTPS filtering
  • Prevents data loss

Enhance cloud and virtualized security

Trend Micro can provide school districts and campuses with a single security solution across physical, virtual and cloud environments—including private, public, and hybrid clouds.

  • Reduces operations costs and simplifies management
  • Increases application stability and performance
  • Delivers improved virtualization and cloud ROI

Embrace consumer devices and applications

With teachers and students using more consumer technologies like smartphones, social media, and web applications, Trend Micro solutions help schools to balance control and freedom while enabling a secure environment.

  • Increases visibility and control with mobile and virtualized security
  • Enables file sharing with confidence using data loss prevention and cloud solutions
  • Protects data anywhere with endpoint encryption and cloud security

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