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Smart Protection Network Overview

Real-Time Security from the Cloud

It's Cloud Security Made Smarter

The Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ uses a global network of threat intelligence sensors to continually update email, web, and file reputation databases in the cloud, identifying and blocking threats in real time before they reach you. It’s cloud security made smarter.

Immediate Protection Wherever you Connect

Using Smart Feedback from products and services around the world, each discovery of a new threat and its origin instantly updates the Smart Protection Network. Global threat data continuously updated and correlated in the cloud ensures automatic protection from threats wherever and however you connect.

Proven Effective

New malware is created every second. Ever more complex, today’s attacks are difficult to detect and prevent. Independent tests prove the effectiveness of Trend Micro’s approach in combating two big security challenges – complexity and volume. Smart Protection Network technology consistently beats the competition in stopping more threats faster.

Easy on System Resources

By processing threat information in the cloud rather than on individual machines, we reduce the demand on your computer’s resources and eliminate time-consuming signature file downloads. You can connect with confidence without slowing down.

Every day in the Smart Protection Network:

  • 45+ billion URLs, emails and files are checked
  • Billions of threats are blocked
  • 2.8+ terabytes of data is processed
  • 100+ million users are connected
  • 1,000+ global security experts provide 24x7 threat surveillance and attack prevention


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