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DirectPass: Password management and login convenience

Trend Micro™ DirectPass™ manages website passwords and login IDs in one secure location, so you only need to remember one password.

Other features include: Keystroke encryption, secure password generation, automatic form-filling, confidential notes, and a secure browser.

Free (No expiration, manage up to 5 passwords) Download
1-year unlimited passwords $14.95 $7.48 Buy Now
2-years unlimited passwords $24.95 $12.48 Buy Now

Trend Micro DirectPass features:

  • Thumbnail Autoform fill

    An automatic form-filler.
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  • Thumbnail Secure browser

    A secure browser for when you visit banking and financial websites.
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  • Thumbnail Auto sync

    Automatic synching of your login information across multiple devices.
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  • Thumbnail Browser Add-on

    Browser add-on for quick and easy access.
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In the US in 2010, 8.1 million adults were victims of identity fraud, totaling $37 billion in losses. It’s vital to protect yourself from online theft and fraud by using multiple passwords for secure access to all your web accounts. However, it can be very difficult to remember and manage all these accounts and passwords without a robust service like Trend Micro DirectPass.

DirectPass Benefits

  • No Fee for Up to 5 Passwords – You can use this password management service for up to 5 passwords without any cost to you

  • Convenience - You can securely and easily manage passwords for numerous online accounts with just one password and automatically login to your websites with one click

  • More Security - You get an extra layer of online security with a specially designed browser for online banking and financial websites and protection from keylogging malware

  • No Hassles – You don’t have to be technical wizard to benefit from this password service, it’s simple to use

  • Confidence – You can have peace-of-mind using a password service provided by an Internet security provider with 20+ years of experience

  • All Your Devices – You can use DirectPass password manager on Windows PCs, Android mobile, Android Tablet, iPads and iPhones, and all devices are automatically encrypted and synchronized using the cloud

Operating System CPU Memory Disk Space
Windows® 7 Family

800 MHz, 1GHz recommended

512 MB, 1 GB recommended 150 MB
Windows ® Vista Family, Service Pack 2 or higher 800 MHz, 1GHz recommended 512 MB, 1 GB recommended 150 MB
Windows® XP Family (32 bit), Service Pack 3 or higher 450 MHz, 800 MHz recommended 256 MB, 512 MB recommended 150 MB


Other Requirements
Web browser Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 7.0, 8.0 or 9.0
Firefox® 3.6 or later (supported but not required)
Google Chrome 6.x or above (supported but not required)
Display High-color display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels or higher
Internet Connection Broadband or equivalent high speed connection is highly recommended

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