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Premium Support Services

Put a Proactive Security Expert on Your Team

Improve your security posture and increase the ROI of Trend Micro solutions with our Premium Support Services. Designated Technical Account Managers work alongside your tech teams to help leverage Trend Micro security solutions and optimize your IT service levels. Gain proactive security resources for customer advocacy and a trusted partner to help optimize your security profile across technology, processes, and people.

When you engage Trend Micro Premium Support Services, you get:

  • Proactive security planning
  • Proven expertise for technical insight and advocacy
  • Reduced risk exposure
  • Optimized service levels
  • Annual security account management (to augment staff resources)
  • Optimized IT service levels

With Trend Micro Premium Support Services, you get to choose from among three service levels— Silver, Gold, and Platinum—each of which provides increases in:

  • Proactive touch points and access times
  • Security planning and preparedness
  • Return on investment and solution optimization
  • IT service levels and operational efficiency

To determine which TAM service level best suits your organization, consult the tables in Features Matrix and Solution Group Comparison.

In a recent survey conducted with Premium Support Services customers, all respondents found that their investment enabled them to:

  • Gain an improved security posture
  • Increase ROI of their Trend Micro solutions
  • Respond to current security issues

In addition, the proactive security planning provided by Premium Support Services helped organizations reduce the number of malware incidents by more than a third and gain an average 4-day time savings with each solution upgrade and deployment.


Designated Technical Account Manager

Onsite Support for Emergency Incidents

Priority Response Time

4 hours

2 hours

1 hour

Allotted Support Hours

access only after
business hours)



Remote Problem Diagnosis and Remediation Support

Priority Case Handling

Proactive Threat Alerts

Bi-Annual Security Planning

2-Hours Malware Response SLA

Crisis Management Planning Assistance

Multi-Region Support Capabilities

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