A smooth transition to a secure hybrid cloud is possible.

Turbulence-free security
is on your horizon.

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Virtualized. Cloud. Physical. Hybrid.
Whichever environment you choose, we’ve got you covered.

Trend Micro offers high performance, automated security across physical, virtual, and cloud workloads deployed on leading environments like VMware®, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft® Azure™.

Turbulence-Free Security for
Hybrid Environments

Hybrid Environments


Powered by the market-leading capabilities of Trend Micro™ Deep Security™, the Trend Micro Hybrid Cloud Security solution drives down the cost and complexity of securing workloads across multiple environments with comprehensive security capabilities purpose-built for hybrid cloud deployments.



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"Hybrid cloud security should be viewed as an opportunity for security to be part of how an organization leverages the agility of the cloud so business can move quickly and safely."